Event description

Opening Reception runs  6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Exhibition Dates
June 6 thru July 5, 2015

Fifty-nine binders and nine private presses from North America, Canada and Britain collaborated to form an exhibition that demonstrates the relationship of the binding design to the printed book. Because many of the binders have chosen the same title to work on, it also highlights the differing approaches to the same text. Samples of the texts and illustrations are shown alongside the bindings. The relationship between private presses and bookbinders is longstanding and it is hoped that this extra element to the show will provide the presses with a more rounded appreciation of the work on display. The exhibition is curated by Lester Capon, a Fellow with Designer Bookbinders, the sponsor of the competition for which the bindings were created.

Participating Private Presses
Arion Press (USA), Barbarian Press (Canada), Incline Press (UK), The Lone Oak Press (USA), Midnight Paper Sales (USA), Old School Press (UK), Old Stile Press (UK), Shanty Bay Press (Canada), The Whittington PRess (UK).

A fully illustrated catalogue of all the bindings may be purchased from San Francisco Center for the Book.

Sponsored by the Kahle Austin Foundation, San Francisco Foundation and Grants for the Arts.