Event description

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. What happens when we start to strap all this technology to our bodies? How are these new wearable products designed to keep the magic alive?

Wearables have been a growing hot topic over the past few years and now getting more attention than ever. Apple finally released it’s watch, Disney just spent $1B reimagining their theme park with MagicBands and Oculus is enabling you to put on new realities. At this intersection of hardware, software and fashion design, lies a new world of wearable products (and platforms) that connect you to a set of untethered, hands-free experiences.

In this panel discussion, we’ll explore the design challenges and opportunities faced when working on products that you wear to augment your reality or transport you to someone else’s. We’ll look at the different categories from fashion, fitness, sports, health to virtual reality.




Brian Friedman, CEO

He pursued his B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering at Lehigh University, and is also the Main Organizer for the Bay Area Wearable Technology Startup Meetup. At Loopd, he is in charge of branding, marketing, business development, mechanical engineering, user experience, user interface design, and is taking the lead on business model development.


Lily Cheng, Product and behavior designer

Lily is a product designer and behavior change evanglist at Fitbit. She combines empathy for the customer with a passion for helping people reach their goals. Prior to Fitbit, she was the lead designer at Lark and a senior strategist for Jump Associates. She went to Stanford and is a lecturer for the Stanford Product Design Program.  She drinks a lot of tea.


Vanessa Cho, Head of UX Design & Research

Vanessa is the Head of UX, Design and Research for GoPro’s Software and Services. Vanessa has spent the last 18 years delivering user experience solutions across web, mobile, desktop and TV. In her first 9 months at GoPro, Vanessa grew the team from 1 to 14 designers – because they are all crazy smart and talented – and together they work hard to make it easy for people to capture and share life’s most meaningful experiences, and look good doing it!


Josh Bloom, VP of Design

Josh Bloom is a Designer and a Maker. Currently the VP of Product at SKULLY making the future of the motorsports industry safer for everyone. Prior to making heads up display motorcycle helmets he was at Samsung working on the future of mobile, tablets, wearables and room scale computing. Before that he led multidisciplinary design teams spanning hardware and software design for 5.5 years at frogdesign.




Miki Setlur, Sr Product Designer

Miki currently focuses on designing the design system that enables the talented team at Twitter to craft the best product experience for over a quarter billion people. Previously, Miki led the design of Evernote for Android to become one of it’s top apps, reaching millions of users, consistently in editor’s choice and named one of Google’s Best Apps of 2012. Miki has also led top-tier clients in insurance, banking and education to meet customer needs and business goals through elegantly designed product experiences.